Learning About Maori Arts Online

The internet is full of resources for people who are willing to discover and learn. It is possible to learn new skills, find entertainment and games, online casino games on all online slots, and educative materials of different kinds.

There are a plethora of digital materials for people interested in learning more about Maori art and culture. There are courses, blogs, communities, and websites dedicated to the artistic tradition of indigenous New Zealand.

The digital platforms are dynamic and engage the most innovative artistic communities. The internet allows for the exchange of ideas and development of a genuinely 21st-century style of Maori art.

Online Courses

There are numerous online courses on Maori art. Some are massive open online courses arranged by academic institutions; some are arranged by smaller organisations or communities.

There are courses more focused on art history and anthropology, as well as more hands-on courses that teach how to make Maori inspired arts and crafts. All these courses aim to preserve the cultural heritage of New Zealand and make their culture more known.

Blogs and Websites

There are numerous blogs, websites and other digital platforms dedicated to Maori artists. These platforms produce educative content that is authentic, and that provides a unique perspective on indigenous communities and their work.

Many are created and maintained by the communities themselves. Others are created by enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals around the world. All they have in common is their love for Maori culture.

Social Media

Social media platforms have allowed the creation of different communities around Maori art and culture. It is possible to join groups and pages, get regular updates on relevant content, share ideas, and participate in discussions.

Social media also allows people to learn new things collectively and in cooperation with each other. This can make learning more interesting, more efficient, and make direct contact with Maori artists and communities possible.