Learning About Maori Art

Maori art has gone through a renaissance since the 20th century, reaching global popularity and cult status. It reaches a broad audience, and many people have found something in the indigenous New Zealander’s art that interests them; be it plastic art designs with bold colours and shapes, intricate tattoo designs, or decorative carvings.

This blog publishes articles on many aspects of Maori art and its development. Read about the past and present of the art, and its impact on the world.

We also teach the basic concepts of the art and help people interested in the Maori culture to begin their learning journey. We present some of the basic concepts of the art and discuss the most common expressions used by Maori artists.

Tradition and Modernity

We write articles on traditional Maori art, and how it evolved in a particular context. We also deal with the development of the art under European influence, its expansion to the rest of the world, and the constant dialogue it is having with the broader art community.

We discuss how Maori art survives and innovates in the 21st century, and how it relates to the modern indigenous identity. We discuss how the Maori are looking for their voice in the new world, and how their art pertains to that struggle.

We also discuss the impact digital media has on Maori art; how it is distributed and experienced, and how digital communities form around it on social media platforms. We even discuss how the internet serves as a hub of information for learning more about art.