Best Maori Art Galleries in New Zealand

Maori art is always present in New Zealand. The country has an impressive offer of traditional and contemporary art. We present here some of the most prominent galleries in the major cities.

Auckland Art Gallery

Auckland is the largest city in New Zeland, and it has the most extensive artistic community of the country. Auckland has its fair share of art museums, but the oldest and largest is the Auckland Art Gallery.

This collection of art is likely to be the most important and the most extensive of the country, the collection consisting of more than 15 thousand pieces. The gallery holds an impressive selection of contemporary and traditional art.

Museum Te Papa Tongarewa

The National Museum of New Zealand is located in Wellington. While not an art gallery, it hosts an impressive selection of Maori art. Not only paintings, the museum hosts approximately 13 thousand modern and historical pieces from New Zealand and the surrounding islands.

As the national gallery of the country, the museum also hosts a plethora of items relevant to anthropology and history.

The Wairau Maori Art Gallery

The Wairau Gallery is an innovative museum space that hosts pieces from the most prestigious Maori artists, active nationally and around the world. The museum is entirely administered and curated by Maori experts and artists, and it collaborates with some of the most extensive galleries and museums of indigenous arts of the country.

The gallery is committed to presenting the best of the contemporary Maori art. It aims to showcase the variety and heterogeneity of the artistic community.

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

This Plymouth museum of contemporary art hosts an exciting collection of local pieces. The gallery hosts art from around New Zealand, and it emphasises Maori and Pacific artists in particular. The gallery can be described as bold and though-provoking, and the exhibitions aim to push boundaries where possible.